its time to mend and repair. This large one of a kind screen print is about mending. It is about accepting imperfections. 100 x 70 cms unframed. Rolled and shipped in cardboard tube.   water based ink with metalic gold on Unica fabriano 220 gsm.

The Far East was the main influence for the use of white space and that continues in my practice today. For me, it is a metaphorical pause in printing; meditative and integral to my process and well being, giving me time to breathe and use the architecture, nature, and elements around. The white paper between two elements has also become a metaphor for me, broken over the past two years, like many people, I now need to mend. I am looking forward to new explorations. The idea of repair, the joining of two broken parts into something new. This series of screen prints are about being imperfect, accepting that, mending and repairing.

"A broken pot is made whole again, and with its golden repair we see a world of meaning.…… as we might accept and bear our scars proudly….” Kintsugi, The Poetic Mend, Bonnie Kemske.
Price: £150

the following screen prints are inspired by walks.

On long walks, as the sun was going down, the shadows behind the trees. These prints are an abstract interpretation of those shapes and shadows cast by the moon. A comforting presence, the iridescence hits foilage at the top of the forest. Its the negative space that I see that frames my compositions.   Printed in waterbased inks, they are on fabriano rosaspina 25o gsm paper. 50 x 70 cms.  

I love playing with colour palettes, I suppose you could say that these are led by the seasons, but really they are led by my imagination. I love laying translucent layers upon each other and this in turn creates another colour. Never ending for me as I enjoy using abstract, almost geometric shapes.

blue moon shadows - screenprint 50 x 70 cms - unframed  - signed edition of 3

mend - screenprint (unframed) signed edition of 1

This colourway came to being as the sun was setting and there was a blue tinge to everything.. almost an icy feeling....
PRICE: £100

pink moon shadows - screen print 50 x 70 cms Unframed - Signed edition of 3

This colour way of pink was just as the sun was setting, not quite summer but getting there... a precursor of warmth to come.