It all started, never would have guessed, with a love of botanical painting; it took me to West Dean College in West Sussex, UK but that in turn led me to the fateful moment of entering the print room...Botanical Painting was the first ever workshop I took - the detail, the sheer perfection, the white background.  However, I knew that I was never going to be that skilled, but to this day, botanical water painting is my fall back whenever I feel overwhelmed - thats probably where the Far East aesthetic took hold.  The simplicity, the slight imperfection.

Add to that to the fact that I had the opportunity to be present at some amazing overseas venues in my corporate life, mainly to the far east and my signature style was born.  I am a prolific taker of photos and quirky detail, and many of those images have been stored away, never to see the light of day, but not now, the stars have collided and aligned and i now know at last how to present them alongside my work

what makes me d0, what i do

Add to that the probability of the fact that because, back in the day, it was the dresses I wore when I was little... I kid you not.. even then I had a penchant for print dresses with vibrant colours and my lovely Mum, facilitated that by taking the tie waists off of the dresses and making headbands out of them.. how cute is that idea and it has never stopped......well the handbands bit has stopped ...

I am,  i suppose a romantic at heart with a modern twist

You will find me either with a cup of rich dark coffee in my hand or an Earl Grey tea....and cake.....of course...

I never stop dreaming about ideas for prints, for capturing that last details in a flower, or a quirky detail in a building.  

because i am lucky to love what I do!

AS you will NOTICE,

west wing 

Good design packaging

expresso with a shot of foam 

anywhere independent

Doha, Washington, London etc etc 

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02. guilty pleasure

05. independent offee shop order 


Reading or eating! 

colour palettes

07. when i'm not working

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things i love 

so many! 


04. platform of choice

03. fave city

good design and packaging

02. guilty pleasure

The West Wing

01. favorite tv show

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expresso with foam



,Anywhere independent

reading or eating!

05. starbucks order

06. place to shop

colour palettes.

08. super power

07. when i'm not working


things i love

I love designing and creating.  My prints and my stationery have a modernity about them, that is fresh and affordable.  I like to present them as a part of my personality, with a great sense of humour and a quirkiness that makes them genuinely unique.

I hope you will take the time to search through my work and perhaps purchase, but even if that does not happen today, I am pleased that you took the time to have a flick through.

ART PRINTS and STATIONERy, my two secret obsessions... or maybe noT so secret now...

"Let me know what you think of my work if you purchase, Its always good to know if there is another subject you think I should tackle"


I am obsessed by

 windows, doors and

 buildings too...

Chawton house, hampshire

Back in the day, ie., at University, it was not easy being in an environment of equally talented people... difficult to find your voice but my key to my work is space, space to breathe and space to work on, its a metaphor in my life... I have to feel free so my creativity flows...Just like these photos shot in LA by me above in the gallery,  and what seems a life time ago, it sparked a lot of ideas in my head.  One of which was the it evolved into a Screen print for my final degree show back in 2019.  

it wasn't easy finding my style, but eventually i found it....

but guess what...