Been Away for a long time…

March seemed to bring on an “Ide’s of March” feel. I took myself away from social media and from creating in a large full stop. Not sure what it was about to be honest, I just felt I had nothing to contribute, that whatever I did was just not good enough. So been soulsearching over the past few weeks (12 to be exact) what was it I wanted out of my art work?

We all crave to be recognised, to sell work, to be patted on the back but I realized that was not what I wanted… I just wanted to keep creating and not actually sell….

I have been pressing the reset button, because I not driven by money… I do actually just enjoy working with shape, patter and colour and not the hard sell. I just cannot do that, I do not like being the centre of any form of attention. If my work is liked, thats fabulous but I don’t want to sell. I just cannot do it.

It has taken me three years to realize that… so my website is my window to the world but I am not going to put my work on the shopify account anymore I do not want that pressure of feeling a failure if nothing sells.

May 16, 2022