Kintsugi, The Poetic Mend

“A broken pot is made whole again, and with its golden repair we see a world of meaning.

First, we acknowledged the sadness of its breaking, and the pain of our own tragedies. We accept the pot’s imperfection and the imperfections in ourselves. Then we may find joy in the beauty of its repair, as we might accept and bear our scars proudly. And we glory in how the pot has taken on a new life, just as we begin again after life’s hard lessons.

In the new pot we see hope exemplified. An it is hope that shows us that we can put our pots, ourselves, and our Earth back together, as imperfect entities in an imperfect world.”

Bonnie Kemske, Kintsugi, The Poetic Mend

A new year, a new focus. Not quite a broken pot but a metaphor for life itself.

Although I love the botanical world, it was a brief moment in time that gave me solace and comfort so that I could keep creating. The solitude of the rhythm of printing … but I love modern abstract work. The digital work below was actually based on a broken pot, but I took it further into a series of prints. Each has at least 6 layers.

These are digitally produced so I could use to inform work when I actually screen print. I love the physical effort to the produce the prints. Each screen print is unique as I only print two; the first becomes the Artists Proof the other the unique and only edition.

The acetates are ready and the screen print will begin.

December 22, 2021