Back to My Roots

2022 is going to see a new launch of my first inspirational love, architecture and if I can combine that with the geometry and pattern that I love, then so much the better.

I have been looking at my work from my graduation show and it reminded me of the huge amount of photography I have from my travels, both with my corporate hat on and latterly with my husband. Its such a rich resource, why was it. This is is more important to me, as with many others, it will be a long time before I start to travel again.

Picture Los Angeles, sounds so glam doesn’t it… well it is but is also quite impersonal. LA is a people watching place which in a way is perfect for me as an observer but its not the people I am interested in, or their egos…. nope LA is about its rich architecture, its art and its culture.

Whilst my other half was working, I took myself off to all sorts of places … Museum of Art, The Getty Art Museum, The Getty Villa, etc etc. Camera in hand and memory working hard ….

The Getty Art Museum is one of those buildings that stay in your mind. Perched atop a hill, the views of LA (sans smog) are fabulous. It houses a beautiful garden, elements of which appeared in the finished screen print and also sculptures, Elizabeth Frink, Henry Moore…. all glinting in the sun. However, it was the building itself that took my imagination onto my LA Screenprint for my final grad show. My interpretation of the forms were abstracted and placed within the space of the white paper to allude to the fact that the museum was up in the clouds.

But that was then, and although I sold this work, its good to go back and see what you can do with the image.

The difference is also apparent in these images; that the latter are digital prints and a digital image. Just shows what good photography can do to a piece of work and I do not have that skill… but I will.

November 28, 2021