Frosted Moon Singular

I am obsessed with pattern, having taught myself Illustrator and the magic art of repeat pattern, but not purely for the sake of producing textiles, although I do enjoy doing that. It is more how I can introduce it into my digital art and screen prints.

I usually start off with a sketch, but this time, I set myself the task of a collage of reject prints to see where I could go with it and I have enjoyed that process.


Does not look very promising, but when I love manipulating it through the AI programme and probably not using it the way it was intended, by playing with layers and image trace. The above image was used directly to produce a digital print.

But then The result was so interesting, I went on to use it as a screen print.

Playing further with it digitally on screen, the composition is so clear on a screen but which you can also do with the acetate. I never throw my acetates away; they are magical.

detail of print
Layer 2 Acetate rendered in Acetate Black
Layer 1 Rendered in Acetate Black

Each layer is developed onto a separate silks screen.

Where is the inspiration for this? Walking when the sun was going down and the Moon was coming up… a sense of space, a sense of wonder; the vastness before me. Frost twinkling …. knowing that a cup of tea and a slice of cake was waiting for me; but more than that …my family.

It is funny that, that need for space has never left my practice. I may veer off sometimes, but I always come back to the white paper.

The Japanese have a word for it, Ma, which I have spoken about before. During one of my tutorials at University the subject of walking and observing came up; it suited me this strange word..Flaneur…. I like walking and observing, but I do not like being observed. I prefer to blend into the background and whilst I think of it, being a Director back in my corporate life probably never suited me for that reason; I hate being the centre of attention; so observation is my thing. I like taking note of the small details.

This screen print is the result of that observation, of the crispness of the plants, the frosting on the trees, the magnitude of the Moon….

November 18, 2021