Late Constable and Other Stories

How lucky to have another opportunity to go the the RA and actually have dinner out! OMG…

Anyway I have always admired the sketches of Turner and Constable rather than their paintings and their sketchbooks are just perfect. The Late Constable exhibition at the RA was beautifully curated (natch) but it was the depiction of sky that drew my eye.  Very modern in the broad stokes of colour and so fresh, especially the little sketch of the rainbow… 

Sky Study with Rainbow 1827 Watercolour Constable

His studies are just phenomenal; oh to achieve just one of those let alone paint it. 

My love was his print work of course and although very traditional in nature, the attention to detail was fab.  Although this image above is taken out of context from the whole, I just think the broad brush strokes give it a freshness.

“With saunt’ring step he climbs the distant stile; Whilst all around him wears a placid smile; There views he winter-rob’d clouds in clusters….” Bloomfield

I didn’t realise that the RA had some of their collection on show and typical of me, the copy of the last supper drew my attention because all the feet on that famous group were exactly the same .. weird detail I know but that what I do.. zero in on details.

Anyway enough of the art critic.   

“In Sentinel X, McKeever explores effects of translucency and capacity, light and darkness, delicacy and strength. The finest membranes of colour appear to fold in on themselves, as if opening or closing around an inner light source that seems to emanate from the centre, the whole floating on a pool of black. This is paint as material and metaphor.” RA field note.

This resonated with me because of my addiction to having space within a design/image. The layers that make something deep and gives space. Back to Ma and Interstices.

Fiona Rae RA Untitled (six on brown) 1989 Oil on Canvas

“Six bold calligraphic gestures, arrange din grid-like formation on the canvas; Rae’s exuberant abstract shapes evoke a set of pictograms, or an alphabet of painting. This is one of Rae’s earliest paintings and is from the “Row” series, consisting of ordered sets of abstract forms, in which the artist investigates variants of mark-making.” RA field notes

I have an addiction to fountain pens and writing; its all mark making ….. designing an alphabet, calligraphic mark making which appears in my work I like to think in the form of architectural form.

Fabulous day in London.

A moody dark afternoon in London, St Pauls ….

November 4, 2021