Experimenting in Texture

It has taken a long time to get back into the Studio. Setting up my website took a long time and energy. To be honest by the time the afternoon came around, I was too tired to do anything!

Anyway, its interesting that you always feel that your muscle memory of how to screenprint has left your brain, but that is not true. As soon as you start the rhythm and the process all come back.

I had left a pile of screenprints to dry and it always amazes me that when you come back to them, you always see something different or a new idea comes into your head. My idea had been to make pattern and architecture clash; to see where it went.

The print on the left was based on an image of London, about two years ago, looking over the Thames, but it just seemed so ordinary, so I overlaid a screen of pattern in a block to see how it would look. I liked it, but the colour palette didn’t work but its never a disappointment, because within the image was a lovely almost textural result.

So just kept on. It needed to be darker.

This pattern on the left is from windblown daisies and reminds me of the paint by number sets you used to be able to get… oh yes I had ambitions even when I was 6, but thats another story.

The screen on the left is from a Japanese pattern that I have been playing we for ages, Japanese Anenome. I masked out a section. The result was intriguing and

laid on top of each other, I just loved the way the image peaked through. It made it rich and gave texture.

The architectural element worked in this case, but not as a block, more as a print and respond to what each screenprint brought. I love the little details.

November 1, 2021