Its been a Long, Long Time…

I was going to import my old posts in here, but I thought again and realised its time for a fresh start, after all its taken me ages to get this website up and running so here we are.have been revisiting my older work, after all, what have we had over the past few months, if not time.  

Revisiting is perhaps the wrong word, its like catching up with old friends and ghosts that have never quite left your thoughts.This time of the year, to me, is sacred, its just like Spring, a fresh start and time to get a new pencil case, metaphorically speaking, but mind you, I always have time for a new piece of stationery or kit… so perhaps I will..Anyway, I have been rethinking my connection with the Far East, looking at photos, thinking how to reconnect with them and bring them up to date. It seemed pertinent to bring back my favourite Japanese word “MA.”

That was the title of a small gallery of my prints shown in the foyer of The University of Chichester, together with one entitled Interstices, meaning an intervening space; there is a theme there!

Both were curated and shown simply, in keeping with the aesthetic of the word itself. 

I started off at University in Textiles, which I always had an affinity, but it led to print. My first end of year submission was based on Madame Pompadour. The brief was to translate a well known work of art, and I chose a painting of her in the National Gallery, called Madam Pompadour at her Work…. I suppose it hit a feminist nerve that this was all that females could possibly achieve. But… I soon began to realise she was a very clever, savvy woman and whom some called a Savant… which leads so nicely into what would frame my journey in my practice.

October 26, 2021