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Back in November 2019, unaware of Covid, but nonetheless in retrospect, with a huge realisation it was probably around us, we were in New York. It was freezing cold, tiring and absolutely fabulous.

I had wanted to go to Hudson’s Yard for a long time, since it had been built and was mesmerized by the programme on architecture that year and the architectural masters who built wonders of the world. Step in Thomas Heatherwick; one of my all time heroes. It is not just his grand gestures that attract my attention, but his attention to detail in no matter what brief/project he manages. This is an example of detail; the copper cladding, the time, the logistics, all of it is just phenomenal .

Has been at the back of my mind to abstract and bring in the colour tones of the sun going down and the copper glowing just on the edges of the form; but still with my characteristic “white paper” space…. the Ma….

Hudson’s Yard Reimagined 2021..


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